10 Quick and Easy Self Care Ideas

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10 Quick and Easy Self Care Ideas

Self Care is a beautiful tool we can all use to help us remember the importance of living in the moment and finding enjoyment in life to feel enriched, positive and focussed.

1.     Take Five Deep Breaths (in through your nose, out through your mouth)

2.     Roll your shoulders forwards and backwards and shrug them up and down

3.     Write your name with your nose (to loosen your neck)

4.     Start your bucket list

5.     Appreciate a nice smell nearby – fresh coffee, flowers, new soap, dinner cooking

6.     Lunge your way to the next room

7.     Sit down – yes SIT DOWN and enjoy a cup of tea

8.     Call up a friend for a chat

9.     Think of a memory that makes you smile

10.  Put on an outfit that makes you feel good

Anna Lawrence