Nature Walks For Your Health


I am sure it’s happened to you. Quick flick onto Instagram for a social media fix and 20mins later - still scrolling!!! Oh man this is something I have become more conscious of lately and I am sure I am not alone. Getting too busy watching other people’s lives come to life on fb or insta and forgetting to create my own memories!

This unfortunately is not my only gripe with technology at the moment. Like many of us today work, study and business commitments mean I am spending more time on the computer than I would like. So much so that the optometrist just told me I need glasses for the computer!

In this day and age it is getting harder to avoid technology so I feel fighting against it is a losing battle. One thing that we can consciously work on to make sure we are getting some quality technology free time is putting down our devices, stepping outside and reconnecting with nature. Some of the amazing benefits our mind and body receives from a bit of mud on our feet and wind in our hair are:

Stress Relief – studies have shown that being amongst the trees, breathing fresh air and appreciating our environment have led to a reduction in blood pressure, anxiety and the amount of stress hormone ‘cortisol’ that the body produces as well as showing an improvement in mood.

Eye Health – less time screen watching and more time plant watching and focusing on things in the distance lets our eyes rest, relax and can reduce the occurrence of dry eyes.

Improve Your Body’s Immune System – getting enough good natural light including vitamin D can play a big role in keeping us well and fighting off those colds and flu. It also helps you keep your energy levels up and boost overall health and wellbeing.

You will Do More Exercise –  Standing up and walking outside has made you move. It has been said that participating in exercise outside can feel more invigorating, satisfying and even more beneficial to your body.

These are only a tiny number of the benefits to your health and wellbeing that getting off those devices and getting outside can have. I was recently listening to JJ Virgin’s latest podcast with Dr Dan Engle where they were discussing the benefits natural light and spending time away from technology has on the brain’s ability to heal and function – quite amazing!

So for now lovely readers, that’s enough technology time for me. I am going to head out for an evening paddock walk with my husband. What technology free activity do you think you will try and incorporate into your daily habits this week?

Anna Lawrence