Reduce Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

A 5 part blog series outlining how you can reduce your risk of chronic disease

How Common are Chronic Diseases in Australia and Why Should You Want To Reduce Your Risk of Getting One?


If you have been following me on Instagram or facebook you may know I have been completing further study to become a Diabetes Educator. I have such a strong interest in this unfortunately growing area of our healthcare. According to Diabetes Australia, 208 Australians develop diabetes everyday – one every 5 minutes. Type 2 Diabetes makes up for 85% of Australians with diabetes.

I am passionate about helping others start doing the little things every day that can help them reduce their risks of getting it! I want to get this information out there to help you reduce your risk of developing in particular Type 2 Diabetes but in the process other chronic conditions. 

According to the AIHW 1 in every 2 Australians. That is 50% of us have at least one prominent chronic disease. That includes asthma, back pain, cancer, diabetes, mental health conditions, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or cardiovascular disease (AIHW 2017). You can imagine these statistics do not improve as we age with 3 in every 5 (60%) of Aussies over 65 having two or more chronic conditions (AIHW 2017).


What can having a chronic condition mean?

-       Living with the symptoms and effect of illness on a daily basis and lifelong

-       Have to deal with treatments, medication, doctors and specialists appointments

-       Can be financially draining – can cause loss of employment

-       Can impact hugely on your emotional wellbeing

-       Reduce your ability to take part in activities you used to enjoy

-       Cause feelings of isolation

-       You may lose independence and need caring/support


Some of the Complications from Diabetes:

Diabetes Complications

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So what are these steps that we can start doing today to reduce our risk or even reduce the impact these chronic conditions are already having on our health and wellbeing.  Approximately 1/3 of the current burden of chronic disease experienced by the population could be prevented by making lasting lifestyle changes to reduce our risk factors. Including – reducing alcohol and smoking, increasing exercise and reducing stress.

I know for me particularly daily exercise and sleep hygiene have been two things I have been working on to optimize my feeling of wellness. It is easy in our busy lives to prioritise other things and before we know it we haven’t done exercise for a month and have been binge watching Netflix to get ourselves to sleep. Sound familiar?

If you are now feeling motivated to get yourself moving on a health and wellness journey or freaking out that you may be on your way to a chronic disease then let me help you. Follow me through my 6 Part Blog Series outlining some lifestyle changes you can start today to reduce your risk of chronic disease or improve your current feelings of health and wellbeing due to chronic disease. It will include 6 blog posts focusing on – sleep hygiene, daily exercise, nutrition, getting outdoors and stress reduction.

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