Sleep and Your Health


Part One of my six part blog series. It is here for you to learn simple habits you can incorporate into your daily life to improve your health and wellbeing. 


Some Obvious Signs You Need More Sleep

Brain Fog

Grumpy, emotional, moody

Weight gain - choosing fast, unhealthy food options and lacking energy to exercise

Excessive sleepiness and daytime fatigue




Hitting 'Snooze' One too Many Times


Why We Need Sleep

Sleep is when our body undergoes major restorative functions including muscle growth and tissue repair. It is when our body heals and restores chemical imbalances. 

Sleep allows us to work through emotions/thoughts/form new memories and improves our mood and emotional wellbeing. 

No wonder we feel so rundown and lethargic after a bad night's sleep or a late night!


Five Ways To Improve Your Sleep Hygiene Today

Stop screen time 2hrs before bed and don't bring it into your bedroom (I am still working on this one!! )

Ensure your bedroom is relaxing, comfortable, quiet - a space that entices and encourages you to wind down and sleep

Have a calming warm drink before bed eg. milk, turmeric latte, caffeine free tea

Exercise regularly - moving your body and taking part in exercise daily (even if at first it's just 10 minutes) not only helps your mental health but helps your body regulate and allow improved sleep. (It is best not to do exercise too close to bed time)

Get outside everyday in the natural light 


If after working on your sleep hygiene and sleep habits you are still experiencing symptoms or feel that you are not waking refreshed please seek medical advice. 


Anna Lawrence