Reasons To Hire A Coach


Hiring a coach to help you make lifestyle changes can unlock new and exciting paths in life and take you places you never thought you would go. Sometimes we need that little bit of help and guidance to enable us to move outside our comfort zone and make our dreams happen. Health and wellness coaches work with you to unlock your strengths and help you realise your potential to make the lifestyle changes you have been dreaming of. Below are some common obstacles people face when making lifestyle changes. Hiring a coach could help you overcome these obstacles, pursue your health and wellness goals and achieve your optimal feeling of wellness. Are you resonating with any of these?

Lacking Motivation

You have changes you want to make but don’t know how or where to start in making these changes or you keep having false starts

Need Support or Accountability

You prefer having someone holding you accountable for your actions and providing motivation and support to help you reach continued and lasting lifestyle change. You would like someone to help you feel empowered to take control of your health and wellness journey

What Are My True Health Goals

You would like help discovering what your true health and wellness goals are and develop a plan to reach them realistically

Reduce your Risk of Chronic Disease

You would like support, motivation and guidance in creating lasting lifestyle habits that will help you create a better quality of life, gain more enjoyment out of life and reduce your risk of developing chronic disease and improve your longevity

Help Managing a Chronic Disease

You are struggling to manage a chronic disease such as heart disease or diabetes and would like help, support and guidance implementing daily health changes to improve your health, wellbeing and disease outcomes

I Know What To Do, I Am Just Not Doing It

You know what you should be eating, what exercise you should be doing, what activities help you reduce your stress and create a feeling of wellness but you just aren’t doing them….yet!


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Anna Lawrence