Move Your Body

In my work as an RN I see so often the huge improvements people make in many areas when they begin to incorporate more physical activity and movement into their lives. 

Many people with chronic health conditions; chronic pain, arthritis, diabetes who start to incorporate regular appropriate exercise, stretching and make a conscious effort to get their body moving more begin to see and feel many benefits. 


  • increased energy
  • a more agile feeling body
  • improved mental health and mindset in general
  • greater ability to manage stress
  • reduced pain and stiffness
  • ability to reduce medications
  • greater blood glucose control
  • weight loss
  • improved muscle tone
  • greater motivation to make healthy diet choices
  • reduced blood pressure
  • improved social connection through participation

How To Move More

  • incorporate a short walk with your dog, friend, partner into your week
  • consciously think of parking your car further away to get more incidental exercise
  • find a fun active hobby - dance class, yoga, tennis, swimming, bowls
  • take the stairs rather than the elevator
  • schedule 10mins a day into your diary for exercise or movement time
  • stretch while watching your favourite TV show
  • do bicep curls with your grocery bags
  • build your short walk up to more than once a week
  • do lunges down the hallway

As you can see there are many easy ways you can begin to incorporate a little bit more exercise into your daily routine. If you start small and turn it into a daily habit you will begin to see and feel changes in your health and wellbeing. Just start with a realistic goal for example 10mins three times a week and see how you go. It is always more fun and motivating to involve a friend or your partner in a challenge too so get others involved with you!

Anna LawrenceComment