Exercise And You

Part Two Of My Six Part Blog series - Reduce Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

daily exercise

Exercise - sometimes we are smashing it and feeling awesome and other times we are beating ourselves up because we haven't been doing it. 

To those who are exercising regularly and feeling fantastic because of it - Congratulations!! What a brilliant place to be in. Please send some positive vibes out to those who haven't quite made it there...yet! I'm talking to those of you needing a helping hand today!

We are going to look into our negative ideas around exercise. What stops us and why and hopefully I can leave you with a more positive outlook on Exercise And You


What stops us exercising

  • body image issues
  • fear
  • time pressure
  • cost
  • we doubt that even that 10mins of exercise is worth it
  • pain or ill health
  • other priorities - taking kids to sport, mowing the lawn, doing the groceries
  • climate - too hot or too cold
  • we have put it as a chore on our to do list
  • we are being told a) that we should be exercising and b) what it should look like by friends, parents, siblings, doctors, the media

I am sure all of us can relate to one or even a few of these things. Each and every one comes with a weight of excuses, guilt and self-doubt that puts us on a rolllercoaster of feeling like a failure when we aren't exercising.  This of course makes us feel like crap so we don't want to start exercising again anyway - the cycle continues. 


Tips to move you into a more positive relationship with exercise

  • celebrate the small successes - yes even those 10min stints some days are making a difference - A REAL DIFFERENCE
  • be kind to yourself - the more you beat yourself up about not exercising, the less you are going to want to
  • take it off your to do list - exercise should NOT be a chore. It should be something fun, that we enjoy, that we look forward to doing
  • find yourself a training partner, an exercise friend, a PT a health coach - creating accountability, someone to cheer you on, motivate you to get started and celebrate with you once you're done 
  • open your mind to the idea that exercise does not look the same to everyone - your friend might have never been a runner and has now completed 3 marathons and runs 50km a week. This does not mean that that is what exercise should look like to you. Regular exercise to you might be a walk around the block with your partner after dinner - and that is ok! The best exercise is the exercise that we will do!
  • if fear, cost or climate are something that is holding you back from exercising there are so many resources that allow us to take part in exercise in our own home. online yoga, pilates, work out videos, body weight exercises, even Kmart has jumped on the home exercise bandwagon selling numerous fitness equipment pieces


Benefits of Exercise - reducing your risk of t2dm

So now that you hopefully are feeling a bit better about Exercise and You and have realised that you are not alone at all -let's just recap a little on why exercise is good and how it can reduce our risk of chronic disease including Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. 

  • Helps with mental health - when we are stressed our body produces a hormone called cortisol which if raised over time can increase our blood glucose levels (among other things)
  • Weight loss - excess weight increases our risk of chronic disease such as T2DM
  • Improves joint movement and flexibility - if our body feels good and we aren't in pain we are more likely to continue to exercise 
  • Improves cardiovascular (heart) health - helps circulation, improves cholesterol levels reducing our risk of heart disease
  • Improves lung health
  • Can help our skin look and feel healthier
  • Helps increase our energy levels - ever heard people talking about runners high or post yoga glow?!
  • Reduces our blood glucose level - when exercising our muscles are using up the glucose that we have fed our body with for energy 


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today. I hope it has helped you at the very least ease a little self guilt you may have been carrying around with your relationship towards exercise. Even better I hope maybe you have realised you can use some of these tips and are feeling motivated to work on Exercise and You.