Nutrition and Chronic Disease


What we eat can be the best medicine to our body or can aid in ill health. 


Why is nutrition such a big part of managing or avoiding Type 2 Diabetes? The large association between lifestyle factors and the development of Type 2 Diabetes means what we are consuming on a daily basis plays a large role in our health and wellbeing. A report update released by the AIHW in 2017 stated that 53% of the diabetes burden in Australia was due to overweight and obesity (AIHW 2017).

We all know that we should be eating 'healthy'. Chances are we have heard that eating 'sugar' can lead to diabetes. Whilst consuming too much 'sugar' is not a healthy habit. As outlined, it is often the obesity that follows from excess consumption combined with a lack of exercise that puts us at greater risk of developing chronic disease such as Type 2 Diabetes. If you are having trouble with the exercise side of your healthy choices, head on over to my last blog Exercise and You for some tips and hints.

With technology at our fingertips it is easy to find an abundance of information regarding healthy eating. It is also extremely easy to get confused and overwhelmed by it as well.  It is a great idea to visit a local dietitian for support and guidance when making changes to your diet. This will make sure you are making the right choices to manage your health long term. 

If you are experiencing symptoms of diabetes please head to your GP to discuss this. Prevention is better than cure so making lifestyle changes early on can make a huge difference on your health long term.  It is important to remember that other things also play a part in the development of Type 2 Diabetes including age, ethnicity and family history.


A few things to remember:

  • everything in moderation
  • diets can backfire
  • as soon as we say no to something it's all we can think about! 
  • creating healthy habits rather than quick fixes or detoxes enhances our health long term


Tips to creating healthy food habits:

  • start small - don't try to change your whole diet all at once. This can be overwhelming, set you up for failure and make you lapse backwards
  • try not to think of yourself as starting on a diet or that old habit of 'I'll binge now to start my diet on Monday!' 
  • just start incorporating more healthy options into your diet without thinking of cutting out 'bad' choices - hopefully these will eventually become your first choice more and more
  • cost of 'healthy' food may seem out of reach. Frozen vegetables are just as good a choice as fresh
  • Head to Diabetes NSW for recipe ideas or even try Jamie Oliver's 5 ingredient dinners for a start making quick healthy choices 
  • make it fun - involve your family and friends. It is much easier to make change with motivation and support


By reading this blog you have already started on your journey to make lifestyle change and look after your health! Remember it does not have to be overwhelming or scary. Little daily changes start adding up to big change before long. It is a really good idea to sit down and think about why you want to make change. How your health and life is going to look once you make these changes. You may even want to create a vision board or start journalling to keep you motivated and on track. Setting realistic goals can also break the journey down into smaller achievable pieces and allows you to celebrate your achievements along the way!

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