Setting Goals That Work

Setting Goals That Work

How many of us set goals every New Years, every month, every time we go to the gym - or don't go to the gym or 'plan to start the new diet/exercise plan' on Monday never happens?! Or get very excited. Maybe write it all down, go extra hard for the first week and then collapse in a pile of FAILURE?!

I can answer yes to all of those and if you're coming along with me on this short goal setting journey here I am sure you can to. 

So where do we go from here and how do we stop this cycle?

Firstly I would recommended back tracking and reading up on my 10 Quick Self Care Ideas blog to help you out of any self guilt cycles and start being a little kinder to yourself! If you have already read it and are right into your self care rituals then read on!

Some of the main hurdles around goal setting that occur for the wonderful women I work with are:

  • Setting goals that are unrealistic - maybe trying to get from A - D without going past B and C. If we set goals that aren't going to happen we may as well stop there. They only lead to failure, falling off the wagon, self guilt and double the time it takes you to reach your goal 
  • Not creating accountability - making yourself responsible for your actions, or ensuring you get someone on board to help you get across the finish line
  • Not checking back in with your goals along the way - getting a bit lost and forgetting your vision or your 'why' you made the goal in the first place
  • Putting in the hard work - sorry to say but yes this is a hard one. Sometimes we (me included!!) can think just by putting pen to paper and writing out our goal that it will magically happen... unfortunately no!! We have to add in dedication, commitment and plain old hard work! - Trust me putting in the hard work with a wellness coach on your side is way more fun!

Your task today to get you setting goals that work is to reflect on those hurdles above. Have a think about which ones may be setting you back and how you can move past these. 

Thinking about your 'why' is a big one - you could start journalling about that one until it becomes clearer to you? (Apparently all the successful people are journalling so may as well jump on board!! )

I work carefully with my clients to establish their 'why' and this helps incredibly to help find their motivation and a clear path to reaching their end goal. 

Once you think you are on track with your end goal and your 'why' start jotting down some goals. 

I would start with three fortnightly goals that you know you can achieve and will get you keen to start. Your fortnightly goals should link up to a longer term maybe 3 monthly goal - this would be more of your end point. Remember that everyone is different and please please BE KIND to yourself along the way. Yes work hard, but look after you! 

Good luck!

If you are ready to get started or would like more information on how wellness coaching may help you reach your goals don't hesitate to contact me today! 



Anna Lawrence