3 Gratefuls A Day Changed My Mindset


My husband and I started telling each other three things we were grateful for each day and it made a difference. 

The art of gratitude is pretty well known now and there's a reason for it. 

Practising regular gratitude activities - or gratefuls as my husband and I have coined it can lead to increased:

  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Positive Emotions
  • Satisfaction with Life
  • Positive relationships with others

It has become a regular activity in our household - if we forget in the morning we will text our 3 gratefuls during the day. I can honestly say that focusing on what we do have and the things in our life that are positive and abundant has helped us to stay happy and focused and stop comparing ourselves to others. 

You can imagine we will never find happiness and contentment or be satisfied with what we have if we are forever looking to the future or dwelling in the past. This is such a common trap we get stuck in. The grass is always greener on the other side. Well gratitude is helping us see how green our grass is right now!

This brings us to the link between gratitude and mindfulness. Both of these practices highlight the importance of enjoying the present moment. Appreciating what is happening right now and focusing on all that we do have and the ways in which we are currently flourishing. 

There are so many ways to start bringing gratitude into your life. 

  • Journal them for yourself as a personal activity
  • Share it with your partner - like my husband and I
  • Bring it into family rituals - when we had dinner with my young niece she asked us to go around the table and say our roses and thorns - again to acknowledge those things that were hard during the day but also those things we can be grateful for
  • Start a gratitude box where you put meaningful messages to yourself to pull out when you need them most
  • Mentally make yourself aware of three things you can be grateful for daily
  • Start a Facebook message thread with your friends

Whatever way you choose and works for you. You will be sure to start feeling the impact a little daily gratitude can have on your outlook on your life. This will be sure to filter down to other areas of your life too. With a more positive and abundant outlook on life you will feel more engaged, happier, more positive. Things like getting yourself to the gym, making healthier food choices and getting yourself out of bed on that dark, cold winters morning will all become easier and more enjoyable activities.

Speaking from a personal note. I can honestly say bringing this practice into my daily routine has helped me immensely. Monday mornings have always been a bad one for me. My husband jokes he can always tell it must be my day off because I am up and out of bed before dawn! Get me on a work day though and I am dragging myself out. Starting the day with 3 gratefuls with my husband helps me change my mindset from the get go. Before we are even up and out of bed we are working on starting the day how we hope to continue it. Positive, calm, happy, purposeful and GRATEFUL. It helps me keep the Monday blues away and gets me out of bed quicker than 5 hits of the snooze on my alarm!



Anna Lawrence