Prioritise your journey to discover fulfilment and reach wellness goals.

Learn how to nurture and grow your self love and through this create a life of vitality. 
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Are you feeling burnt out, exhausted, like your health is slipping away?

Have you put other priorities and responsibilities over your health and wellbeing for too long?

Are you starting to have a clear vision of the health and wellbeing that you want for your future?

Maybe you are starting to prioritise your health goals and can see what a life full of vitality would look like for you?

I know many of us in today's world quite easily and frequently put other things before looking after ourselves. Unfortunately it is just a matter of time until this becomes unsustainable. We feel burnt out, exhausted, start becoming unwell, maybe even have a health scare. Or we move into different stages of life and start to be able to allocate more time to ourselves. You are certainly not alone if this is resonating strongly with you! Don't stress though as that is exactly what I can help you with. 

Your wellness goals may include weight loss, increasing exercise, enhancing energy levels to run around after children or grandchildren, minimising your risk of illness or chronic disease, improving your fitness to be able to travel, incorporating more yoga and stress reduction into your life, learning your self care rituals and how to implement these, wanting to become more social and participating in community activities, finally hitting that goal of reaching 10 000 steps a day.

Whatever your wellness goals may be I am here to help you on your journey to get to know yourself again. To work with you to build your self care rituals and healthy lifestyle habits to rediscover your self love. To empower you to discover what it is you need to reach a life full of vitality and support you on this path to optimising your health and wellbeing. 



How does coaching work?

Using a step by step approach, you and Anna will:

·      Arrange regular check ins

·      Determine areas in your life that you want to change or improve

·      Discover barriers to success, what has been keeping you from reaching your goals, looking after yourself, holding you back

·      Create your vision of health and wellness - what does a life full of vitality look like to you, what do you really want to achieve and why do you want it?

·      Set realistic and achievable goals

·      Find internal strengths and past successes to draw on for you to make lasting change for the future

·      Empower you to rediscover your self love and develop a feeling of optimal wellness